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Fire pumps are a crucial component of a building’s fire protection system since they provide water at a higher pressure to put out fires. Every business must perform regular fire pump inspections and maintenance because a malfunctioning fire or booster pump can cause significant loss in the case of a fire. The maintenance and inspection of all equipment, including the upkeep and repair of all fire systems, is the duty of business owners.
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Our Standard Is a Clean Installation

Every one of our installations and repairs complies with NFPA 20 Standards and local building codes. Additionally, installations of fire pump assemblies powered by various types of electric and diesel motors.

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your cost-effective fire protection system design.

We at Avalon are excited to create cutting-edge Fire & Life systems for your company. In our design phase, we carefully balance client preferences with relevant codes and AHJ regulations. Avalon Engineers evaluate your needs before integrating a variety of low voltage systems into a productive and affordable installation design.
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